Project 250


Build Better for Philadelphia

At Project 250, we are improving our city for the next generation, and providing useful, sustainable space for Philadelphia citizens.

Our proposal is to restore FDR Park to its original beauty. We will make it cleaner, more usable, and safer for the community. We will clean waterways, repave paths, and reclaim acres of overgrown land.

Simultaneously, we are working to build an Olympic-caliber cycling, sport, and recreational facility on the eastern edge of the park. The facility will include a world-class cycling track, community and event space, a nature center, and much, much more. The project will set a new standard for sustainable design, and serve as a model for future urban projects nationwide.

This is Project 250.
This is a vision for a better Philadelphia.

What isn't Changing

As we work to revamp FDR Park, some things won't change at all. The safe, well-used parts of the park—including the tennis courts, ball fields, and playground—will all remain just as they are.

What is Changing

Reclaiming the Park

This proposed project will focus on reclaiming the aspects of the park that are currently underutilized. By improving the areas that are currently unusable, we'll make the whole park a safer, better place for the Philadelphia community.

New Building

The proposed changes will also bring a new building to the park's eastern edge. It will be a world-class cycling, sport, and recreational facility designed for the people of Philadelphia.

New Public Park

Additionally, our proposal is to replace any parkland lost to the new building will be replaced by converting a nearby underused park into a landscaped green space for public use.

The Park

Large parts of FDR Park—especially the areas around the lakes—are currently unusable. This former icon of landscape architecture needs to be rebuilt. Efforts are underway to restore the space, and provide a brighter future for the people of Philadelphia.
  • Cleaning the Water

    The natural ecosystems in FDR Park's lakes have deteriorated. But Project 250's proposed revitalization efforts will return these lakes to safe, sustainable aquatic ecosystems.

    Lakes will be cleared of algae, unnatural chemicals, and invasive species. Native plant and aquatic life will be reintroduced to restore healthy ecosystems. State-of-the-art water filtration systems will help maintain water quality. To protect the lakeshores from erosion, a native vegetative buffer will be installed.

  • Repaving Pathways

    Many of the pathways that wind throughout the park are overgrown and unsafe. Restoration efforts will rebuild paths, repave roadways, and clear invasive plants from walkways, making the park routes usable for walking, jogging, and cycling.

  • Clearing Undergrowth

    Parts of FDR Park stand unusable due to overgrowth and invasive plants. As Project 250 revitalizes the park, non-native underbrush and decayed vegetation will be cleared from pathways and lakeshores. Lake banks will be replanted with native vegetation, and other reclaimed areas will be transformed into open green space for public use.

  • Honoring The Landscape

    FDR Park was originally designed by the legendary Olmstead brothers, eminent landscape architects of the late 19th and early 20th century. The Olmstead firm designed such iconic spaces as New York City's Central Park and Prospect Park, Chicago's Riverside Parks, the Grand Necklace of Parks in Milwaukee, and the landscape around the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

    FDR Park was designed with vistas that feel organic and draw the eye to beautiful spaces. It was built to feel natural and be entirely usable. The planned restoration will honor the original landscape and preserve the intentions of the historic Olmstead design.

  • A New Building

    On the eastern perimeter of the park, on the edge of the Sports Complex, the project will construct a new multi-purpose cycling, sport, and recreational facility.

The Building

Along with the proposed revitalization of the park, a new building will grace the park's perimeter. On the park's eastern edge, across the street from the Sports Complex, will stand a new, world-class cycling, sport, and recreational facility.

Building a Sustainable Future

This proposed project will set a new standard for sustainable design. It will be LEED Platinum certified, energy and water independent, and financially sustainable.

LEED Platinum Certification
Financial Sustainability
Energy & Water Independence

This is for Philadelphia

At Project 250, we are moving Philadelphia forward. We are providing a better future for the 250,000 school-age members of our city's next generation. Through world-class sports, community programs, and revitalized green space, we are improving our city.

This is for the next generation. This is for our future, and our home. This is for Philadelphia.

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